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As a real estate developer of large scale, mixed-use developments within established downtowns, Ive utilized (and helped create) form-based codes to spur comprehensive revitalization and development on both public and privately owned parcels, including those under my control as developer along helpful resources with properties owned by others. These codes provide the best means by which to create proper urban form while meeting both the needs of todays market and offering the necessary flexibility to adjust and evolve as market preferences shift over the course of multiple real estate cycles. If anything, Ive seen the term form-based codes misapplied to greenfield developments, where a form-based code is often less applicable look at more info than within an existing built environment. Regardless, to say that a form-based code does not apply to an existing downtown is simply inaccurate. In regard to the comment that form-based codes do not regulate the back of sites once again, this is not at all accurate, and does not describe how a properly written form-based code works. A significant part of creating proper urban form absolutely incorporates the back of sites after all, one propertys back is anothers front, or view, or someones pedestrian experience. If we are talking alleys or less visible areas, there are means by which to address safety and security concerns, utilize certain back oriented facing for deliveries and Web Site similar activities to enable a better pedestrian experience and transportation flow on the main corridors along with improving general area aesthetics. Sometimes the backs of buildings may be community amenity opportunities that need to be planned and constructed in a manner that can allow proper programming. All of this is addressed in some manner by FBCs, and in my opinion, do see it here a better job doing so than more traditional zoning methodologies.

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